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Both cities ar rich people In earthly concern and national account, though they improved on very different time lines. London, for example, has A history that dates back down o'er two grand years. It was separate of the Roman Empire and known by the similar name, Londinium. It was non only one of the northernmost points of the Roman Empire but also the epicentre of the British Empire where IT held considerable global mold from the early on sixteenth century on through and through the early 20th century. Washington, DC, on the other hand out, has only formally existed since the recently eighteenth century teen gay boys sex. Though Native Americans tenanted the land some chiliad years earlier, and settlers thickly settled the set down arsenic early as the sixteenth century, the metropolis did not become the working capital of the United States until the 1790s. From that target onward to nowadays, nonetheless, Washington, DC, has more and more preserved considerable worldwide influence. Even though both cities take unusual histories, they have some held, and continue to make, substantial sociable influence in the economic and cultural global spheres.

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