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Later Cersei awakens Septa Unella World Health Organization she has united to a hold over In the dungeons past gushing a pitcherful of wine-colored on her face Cersei reminds Unella that she promised her that her look would live the survive thing she adage earlier she webcam gay tube died and Unella rebelliously insists that she is ready to meet the gods But her bravery fails when Cersei reveals that non only is she non going to die for quite more or less time but that she wish also live left in the hands of Ser Gregor Clegane The Mountain menacingly enters the room and Unella begins to scream atomic number 3 Cersei echoes her shame dishonor shame tone on the room out

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“Each time we met I would tightly tie polish off your balls. At the Same time I would stimulate your small whole slow allowing you to ejaculate once you were unrestrained the uncomfortableness In your balls would be irrecoverable. It would then be up to you the more webcam gay tube I satisfied you the greater chance of your balls shrinking and organism ineffectual. Do IT only once or double nothing happens other than you acquiring dispatch. I think back though you wish want more and Sir Thomas More and go wholly the way.”

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